Committed to building and supporting the arts and cultural community

This program is crafted around local content and context, while being connected with best practice and peer networks nationally and internationally. 

Emerging Cultural Leaders Program,

Emerging Cultural Leaders (ECL) is a networking skills development and mentoring program for emerging artists and cultural facilitators who live, work or have other connections to the Northern Territory. The program was developed at Footscray Community Arts for Western Melbourne and will be reimagined in partnership with Darwin Community Arts to support NT practitioners. It will be undertaken as a three day intensive followed by a 3 month period of mentoring and peer to peer network opportunities for 15 participants.

 The program will run in October 2017.  To register your interest please email:


Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training

Facilitated by Genevieve Grieves, this three-day workshop is designed for arts practitioners and organisations working with First Nations peoples or hope to in the future and are interested in increasing capacity to work respectfully with people from differing cultural backgrounds. The workshop is designed to build capacity and effectiveness of non-Indigenous arts and cultural workers to better support sovereignty and self-determined outcomes in First Nations arts, culture and community engaged practice. Exploring racial literacy, understanding whiteness, cultural competency and effective ways of working in First Nations contexts.  This workshop will be supported by two follow up visits by Genevieve to provide participants with individual guidance around key projects or programs, with an aim to connect them with local elders and communities. 

The program will run in October 2017.  To register your interest please email:


Cultural Internships

This program will support an emerging producer to undertake a three month residency program at ACCOMPLICE Darwin with a one month secondment period working on a range of projects in remote NT. This program aims to give a hands on traineeship for a cultural practitioner to gain experience without having to leave the NT to do so. This program specifically comes out of a need with young arts worker who often feel like they have no otehr option but to travel interstate to access training and experience, many are hesitant due to the complexity of city life and the lack of personal support. The program will provide a stipend and be advertised to applicants. The 3 month program will aim on building a breadth of experience and a strong network which would allow the participant to gain future employment post the program in entry roles.

 The program will call for applications in June.  To register your interest please email:


Community Dinners

The Artist as Driver is a two-year self-directed residency by Jamie Lewis focused on research and reflection on the topics of leadership, governance, and advocacy through the lens of an independent artist. The project asks, “What would leadership, governance, and advocacy look like if it were artists who led the conversation?” and “How can artists continue to lead these conversations?” Jamie will undertake a four week residency hosting a number of dinners with local artists, community leaders and local residents to further explore her research and to facilitate some new conversation for the arts and cultural community of Darwin in partnership with their community. Aiming to create new relationships, seed new ideas and provide a reminder of our capacity and strength as individuals when we work together. 


Regional and Remote Producers Network

Independent producers working outside an organisation structure is a new wave of practice in the NT. The network aims to be focus on sharing practical soft and hard infrastructure and acting as a collective advocacy body to state and federal government and peak bodies focused on the strength and complexities of facilitating art in the social, political, environmental landscape of regional and remote NT.